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On this website you will find seven profiles of different types of problems you may experience as a student. You will also find descriptions of the background to such problems and the effect they have on the various aspects of studying and student life. The profiles are not syndromes, but they describe symptoms which often go together. Sometimes a chosen profile won’t match your experience after all. If that’s the case, then simply try another profile. Most of you will recognise yourselves in more than one profile or in parts of a profile. Each profile offers you several stories in which students talk about their personal experiences.

façade, dreams are lies, failure, proving yourself, expectations, idealised image, double role
loner, being different, loneliness, study stress, no connection, unique experience, solitary individual, different, alone, lonely
no cause, chronic symptoms, unclear, social worker, everything’s fine, nothing out of the ordinary, can’t find anything
disability, impairment, dependant, perfectionism, persevere, disabled, chronically ill, grief, divorce
two worlds, in between, loyalty, impossible to choose, confusion, home
new life path, discovering, rollercoaster, stacking problems, unclear, study stress, self-image
inconsolable, recurring problems, worn down, a bore, self-esteem, gloominess, depression, past, persevere