Ik Student
Universiteit Amsterdam

The research by the student doctors’ office of the UvA/HvA has resulted in a number of websites related to preventative healthcare for students, including
www.ik-student.nl and a number of (scientific) publications.

Websites preventative healthcare for students

  • How healthy are you?
    The time you spend as a student is a time in which stress and/or lifestyle can affect the extent to which a student feels healthy. Studentengezondheidstest (student health test) is an initiative by the student doctors’ office to help students recognise possible health problems at an early stage, by providing personal feedback, information, useful links and tips for improvement.
    Go to: www.studentengezondheidstest.nl and see what you score on health and lifestyle in comparison to your fellow students.

  • Where can you go with your health problems and questions?
    At www.gezond-studeren.nl (healthy studying) you will find all the relevant provisions and information on health and studying. This concerns both medical information and tips to tackle study problems. The website offers information, useful links, tips and online tests.

  • www.studentenartsen.nl


Over the past decades various research projects have been published. Below you will find a selection of the publications.